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High rent collection rates - Green Knight Lettings

Green Knight Lettings is a professional, effective, and experienced lettings agency which understands local market needs in East Kent.  Our staff have letting experience in the area for nearly 20 years, and we understand the requirements of property management during difficult times.  

Green Knight appreciates the needs to minimize voids, manage tenancies, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize their landlords' investment yields.  We also understand the importance of looking after tenants' legitimate needs, to keep properties in payment and reduce tenant turnover.

We believe our rent collection rates are second to none, and this is because we are more proactive than the significant majority of other agents.  Contact us on 01843 221834 for more information.

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Graham P. - Landlord

Green Knight took over from another local agent because I simply did not receive as much rent as I needed. Since using Green Knight, we have collected almost all our rent, and my finances are much improved.

Phil Blorten - Tenant

I really liked the house on Granville Road! Recommended